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Tomorrow's not what it used to be.

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday of the year, I think. It's certainly the one I look forward to the most. Even more so than my birthday, which isn't a real holiday, I guess. Halloween just has so much to it. Maybe it's the nostalgia of dressing up and being silly and having fun. Or brainstorming and planning a costume. Or partying. Or just dressing up.
I actually just like dressing up and playing make believe.
There's something about this semester that has really thrown me off. I haven't been drawing what I want to. It's always right up against the deadline, some kind of rushed thing. I mean, everything this semester has been right up against the deadline but even more so with the drawing. I haven't been taking it particularly seriously, which is a shame, I guess.
One of these days I will post all of the comics between two months ago and now, since, you know. Whatever.

Hold the fruit.

The lack of writing, I think, is why I've been so wound up lately. I haven't been able to sort through thoughts properly. Haven't been able to compose myself, I guess. I've lost my routine. Maybe I just need to get my groove back.
Or get used to a new one.
It's just hard. I really don't feel motivated to write. So much for passion. It's one of those things, though, that I sort of need to keep doing things properly. Legitimate diaries and journals get lost or forgotten. Or, well, actually, they don't. I always feel so guilty trying to write in a nice journal. With the nice binding and covers and nice paper. I'll write for a little while and then stop because I worry I'm wasting a nice book with doodles and random nonsense. Nice books like that should be filled with wonderful things. Oh well.