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Never felt so good, before.

I couldn't help but stop when I heard it. Stopped and dropped everything and started wandering down the labyrinthine aisles. Navigating the sea of last minute customers, seduced by the siren song that was all too familiar to me. And after a mildly convoluted journey, I stumbled across it. And, naturally, slowly walked toward the display in coordination with the movie.

When Jack opened the Christmas Town door, I sat down in the chair.

I'd almost forgotten how much I absolutely loved that movie, which is a lie. Maybe it was just the fact that I was watching it on what may have been the biggest television I've ever seen in all kinds of ultra high-definition, Blu-ray, LED screen specifications. Maybe it was the ultra high-fidelity sound system that was blasting it. Maybe it was the ultra comfortable leather chairs they had set out. But probably not. I just love that movie to death and I'm absolutely willing to forgo my Christmas shopping to watch it. I've never seen that movie look so good. Better than real life looks.

What I wouldn't give to live in Halloween Town.

But that really got me in the Christmas spirit, I guess. Almost enough to go shopping again today if not for the rain storm. Not quite enough to decorate the tree, though. The tree with one string of green lights and one string of blue lights that create a decidedly dichromatic Christmas tree. There aren't even any ornaments on it. Or presents under it. Merry Christmas, my family style. There's no fire in the fireplace, no little Christmas candle-holding houses, and no stockings. There's a box marked 'Christmas' sitting in the attic, though.



Carolynn said…
My sister left for Nebraska and even before my parents got divorced, Christmas was kind of a bust.

When I was a very little girl we used to go to Frankenmuth, MI because in Frankenmuth, it is Christmas all year round. Actually, they just have a giant Christmas display you can explore all year round. It was pretty much every holiday special rolled up in glittery fake-snow confetti, but when you're a kid it's heaven. Sure, the decorative, shimmering boxes are probably empty on the inside, but you don't know that and they can hold anything.

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